These are the things
that are important to me. I’d love to hear what’s important to you!

Transportation Infrastructure

I’m really concerned about the intersection of Rt. 31 (Batavia Ave.) and Fabyan Parkway. The county and state need to work together to improve this intersection by decreasing the sharp angle, and widen the right of way increasing the road width and adding turn lanes.

Parks and Recreation

I support the County’s purchase of open space and preservation of some of the best natural resources in the area. I will support the enhancement of Settlers Hill for recreation uses, and maintain the bike and walking paths throughout the county.

Commitment to the Environment

In the past, I have worked with the Batavia City Council, Public Works, and Park District on the enhancement of our river frontage. I will be committed to furthering this throughout North Aurora, Batavia, and all of Kane County.

Spirit of Cooperation

Whether it be county, state, schools, parks, cities, towns, townships, or fire districts, it’s essential to have open communication and cooperation—that is how we will be successful!

Financial Stewardship of Tax Dollars (& Budgeting)

As your representative on the county board I believe it is my responsibility to work with the Chairman of the board, fellow board members, and department leaders to provide the quality of services that are expected in Kane County. There are many opinions as to which services should be provided and to what level, and these discussions can be difficult to navigate. While balancing these requirements, we as the board must also plan for the future–not just tomorrow, but for years to come. This requires insight as well as vision. 22 years of public service has given me the experience and ability to build consensus with my fellow elected officials and staff members, provide for the needs of the county I serve, and steward the tax dollars from the citizens of Kane County.

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